Production runs from millions to billions.
Specialize in Bandolierd Connector Pins, Header Pins and Contact Pins.
Also, Capable in manufacturing varied Flat Stamping and Lead Frame Contacts.

Tooling capabilities to build from concept to full production.

Uniquely skilled in wire cutting accuracy to very close tolerance (.0002 inch)

Achieved Certification to very high third party standards.
Welcome to Intricate Metal Forming Company's (IMF) Web site.

We are a Skilled High Speed Metal Stamping Company that can produce a variety of components for the many Connector Industries.

Our Speciality include close tolerance progressive die designing and building for the high volume manufacturing of Bandolier Pins, Header Pins, Contact Pins, Lead Frames and many other types of Flat Stampings.

Because of the extreme close tolerance nature of our business, we at IMF have developed "In-House" Wire EDM capabilites, and we have additional capacity to contract outside work. If you are sick of waiting on large EDM shops to get your work completed on-time and correctly, we understand your frustration and can help!